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It’s nearly impossible to avoid getting stretch marks, and these unsightly flaws can make you want to cover up your skin. With the help of Ventura, California’s top medical aesthetician, Neda Heidari, MD, you can get rid of your stretch marks. Dr. Heidari uses the Icon™ non-ablative fractional laser system to improve the appearance of your skin and smooth out stretch marks for good. Contact NedaMedica Laser for your appointment and never feel self-conscious about stretch marks again.

Stretch Mark Removal Q & A

Why do I have stretch marks?

Stretch marks generally show up when your skin has expanded quickly. You may have some stretch marks leftover from when you went through your growth spurt during puberty, for instance. Genetics, the impact of stress on your skin, and your cortisone level — which decreases elasticity in your skin — can all affect whether you get stretch marks and how severe they are.

You may also have a higher risk of developing stretch marks if you:

  • Are female
  • Quickly lose or gain weight
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have a breast reduction surgery
  • Take a corticosteroid medication
  • Have certain genetic disorders

How does the Icon laser work?

Icon is a non-ablative fractional laser that rapidly delivers small beams of laser light directly below the surface of your skin, targeting problem areas. The system's unique point compression and lens design help the laser penetrate even deeper than similar treatments. These laser beams not only break down stretch marks, they also trigger the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Over the weeks following your session, your skin starts smoothing out as your stretch marks thin out naturally. You also develop a smoother skin tone and more flawless appearance.

Will I need more than one treatment with the Icon laser?

Possibly. For lighter stretch marks, you might get the results you want with just one treatment. If you have dark, deep stretch marks, you could need three to six Icon laser sessions, each about a month apart. During your initial consultation, Dr. Heidari lets you know how many sessions you should need to become stretch mark free.

Are stretch mark removal treatments painful?

You shouldn’t feel any pain with the Icon non-ablative fractional laser system. The technology is so advanced, most stretch mark removal procedures are done quickly — 30 minutes or less — and with little to no discomfort.

If you’re having stretch marks removed from a sensitive area, like the insides of your thighs or sides of your breasts, it’s possible that you might be a little uncomfortable for just a few moments. In these cases, Dr. Heidari can provide a topical numbing cream if you experience any pain.

* Individual results may vary.